Weeping Tile Blockage in Ottawa – What You Should Know

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Resolving weeping tile blockage

During the winter months, landlords in Ottawa should be aware of certain property maintenance concerns.  One major issue that can occur when the temperature drops is a blocked weeping tile.  Unlike other blockages, this may be caused due to the water in the weeping tile freezing.  Frozen water in the weeping tile connected to the floor drain impedes the flow of groundwater away from the house.   These blockages may lead to possible leaks in your home.  Worse, ice in the pipes may burst your plumbing, escalating the problem.  Weeping tile blockage is a serious problem for Ottawa homeowners and landlords.

 Checking for signs of weeping tile blockage

  1. Check the Sump Pit. The sump pit (aka the sump basin) is located under your home’s basement or in the crawl space.  It collects the water from the drain tile then sends it away from your home.  You should check to ensure it is fully drained.  Any water accumulated in the pit, especially after heavy rainfall, can indicate that you have a blockage.  Look for other signs of moisture, like damp walls.  Check for possible cracks where the basement and foundation of your house meet.
  2. Check the Drain Tile Outlet. After it rains, you should perform this check. If this is functioning properly, you should see water pouring from the drain tile.  Examine the outlet’s edge with a stick.  After the water flows out, check the pipes using a flashlight.Weeping Tile

Call The Plumber

Most clogs in your weeping tile are due to dirt, roots and underground debris.  When the blockage occurs, water will find the path of least resistance.  This path usually turns out to be your home’s basement walls.  If you notice any moisture in the basement, on the walls, or on the floor, call a licensed plumber.

Sometimes the signs of moisture in your basement aren’t as explicit.  The presence of mold or mildew in your basement is also a sign that you have a moisture problem.  If this occurs, call a qualified plumber.

Why DIYing it is a Bad Idea

Managing an issue with weeping tile is complicated.  You have to address the blockage of the weeping tile connected to the sewer.  Consideration must be made for the masonry work to repair damaged concrete where leaks may occur.  Even if there are no cracks, concrete is not an impermeable material.  Water should be drained away from the concrete, and not left to collect near it.    A professional plumber should be able to dig access points around snaking weeping tile to get to the drain.  From there, the plumber should be able to clean the drain is easier.

Why choose Dr. Pipe?

Our team of licensed and certified plumbing experts will ensure that your job is done to the best quality.  We work with you to make sure the job is completed with minimal inconvenience to your life.  We use state-of-the-art technology to reduce costs, project time, and damage to your property.  Our job sites are neat and covered, and we always clean up after the work is done.  Our customers can attest to our good work.  Check out our testimonials.

Don’t let the cold Ottawa winters keep you from doing maintenance on your home.  Call Dr. Pipe for a free inspection today.

Give us a call today: 613-791-5777  for a free upfront estimate!

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