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Bathroom renovation

  1. When it comes to a remodeling project the ideal place to start is with an assessment of your finances. The amount of money you can afford to spend will impact the kinds of materials you can invest in and the size of the renovation project. When you consider your budget you can establish the boundaries of your bathroom redesign. When you know how much you can afford to spend on the project, then making decisions about what to buy and what not to buy will become a whole lot easier. You also know the extent to which you can cater to your creativity.
  1. When you are looking to save money on your bathroom remodel then you might want to think about refinishing the tile, sink, shower, or tub. Refinishing your items will cost you about 10% of what you would pay if you were to replace them. You will save time on labor, time on remodeling, and you will have a smaller mess to clean.
  1. Consider environmentally friendly aspects of the remodel. It will be doing something good for the environment and good for your own health. You will be able to reduce stress because you will be investing in green products that have well thought-out and planned designs, operate better, and have the ability of lowering your utility bills. Some green products reduce the amount of chemicals you are exposed to as well because they are made chemical-free. Finally, you don’t have to go all-out crazy to do something “green” either; Doing something as simple as painting a cabinet over again and reusing it rather than sending it to the landfill is a green an action as any other eco-friendly choice.
  1. Want to keep the budget in check? Keep your plumbing right where it is. While it may seem simple enough to move your sink and fixtures around to install new equipment, you will find it is a lot more expensive than you think to move all that plumbing around. If you save money on keeping your fixtures right where they are, you can upgrade your shower system or put in a new vanity so you can give your bathroom in new look at a more reasonable cost.
  1. Be realistic; do not overestimate your do-it-yourself skills. Just because it looks easy when Bob Villa does it on television, it does not mean it is easy to do in real life. Just because you can comprehend instructions on the internet does not mean those instructions are easy to follow through on when you are by yourself. Be honest with yourself, and when it is time to call in a professional, like with your plumbing for example, by all means, contact a professional and save yourself the struggle and a potential financial disaster to boot.
  1. Please consider the lighting elements as it is one of the most important elements in the room. If you desire even lighting on your face when you are standing in front of your vanity, consider sconce lighting. Make sure you install the lighting at eye level so that any kind of shadowing that might prove unflattering is diminished. When you have more lighting in a bathroom, it can produce the illusion of a larger area.
  1. Do not underestimate the importance of ventilation in your bathroom. The room is prone to accumulating moisture and that moisture can create the perfect environment for mildew and mold as well as other damage. You should have a vent fan that works for the square footage of your bathroom.

If you not sure what to do with your Ottawa bathroom renovation, make sure that you leave it in the hands of the professionals. The courteous professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services will be able to assist you with this every step of the way.

Give us a call today: 613 791 5777 for a free upfront estimate!