The Proper Repairs of Water Pressure Related Issues

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Water Pressure Related Issues

Proper Repairs of Water Pressure Related Issues in Ottawa

You know you hate it: You step into the shower craving a blast of hot, soothing water so it can cleanse your body and loosen up your aching muscles, and you end up getting a trickle of water that is barely enough to splash on your face. With water having this kind of low pressure, you will be lucky if you can wash your hands, never mind your hair. It looks like you have some low water pressure repairs on the horizon.

Before you can make an attempt to fix low water pressure, it is a good thing to understand some of the causes behind it. By knowing the causes you can better identify potential fixes.  Some causes of low water pressure, or what professionals in the plumbing industry call low flow, include:

Problem 1 – Problems with the water valves

Problem 2 – Issues with leaking water

Problem 3 – Non-working pressure regulators

Problem 4 – Low water pressure coming into the home

Problem 5 –Debris and buildup of mineral deposits in the water causing low pressure out of the faucets

One of the main reasons behind low flow water is that there are debris or mineral deposits in the water. If you happen to have pipes that are old and eroding or rusting, the rust can end up coming loose and floating around in the water. The rust then gets caught in the aerators, the valve, and the faucet head. In some cases, you might end up with algae formations in the water as well, and this too can hinder water flow. Even with plastic pipes, you can develop an issue, especially if the pipe disintegrates or breaks off anywhere. This could mean that the pieces become lodged inside of the pipe.

 It is time to bring in the professional

The five primary reasons for low water flow do have solutions, but in many instances, you will need a professional to help you get the water flowing correctly. When you run into a problem fixing it on your own, a pro can definitely help you out. No matter how much do it yourself the skill you have, in some instances, a plumber is the best option for fixing water issues, especially if there is a major blockage or leaks that need to be repaired. Call in the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing in Ottawa and you will find that these water pressure problems are a thing of the past.

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