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It is not often that a plumbing company is able to save you 10,000 dollars. We had experienced a serious drain backup and received quotes from five different drain and plumbing specialists. These included some of the more popular local names, and a few that received a very high ranking on HomeStars. Most of them scoped the drain and told me all the root issues and the critical deficiencies that would continuously lead to problems. They suggested that that we crack the floor, replace the drainpipe, and have the pipe from the front lawn excavated, I would be looking at around $5-10k!

Max did the same exact research that these other companies did, but he told me that the drain was not deficient at all; in fact, it had many more years left! I know that Max was honestly biting his tongue when we discussed what these other companies had said. He rooted the drain (very fast) and there has not been a single issue with our pipes since.