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Sump Pump Ottawa Are You In Need Of An Inspection

Are You In Need Of Inspecting Your Sump Pump?

There are a number of different systems in your home that you probably use without realizing that you rely on them heavily. One example of this is your sump pump installation Ottawa. The only time that you are going to notice a sump pump Ottawa is when it is not doing its job – and that is often when you need it the most. With these different steps, you are going to know if your sump pump installation Ottawa is in need of an installation and whether or not you should call a Ottawa sump pump repair service.

Sign #1 – Your Sump Pump Does Not Turn On Once It Should

You may have a stuck float switch if your sump pump does not turn on. The switches on the side of your sump pump tend to get stuck. You may also find that the vertical floats with flimsy plastic brackets are prone to breakage. You may need to replace your sump pump when freeing the switch does not fix the issue.

Sign #2 – You Have A Pedestal-Style Pump

Some basements around Ottawa still have this very outdated style of sump pump. It is not built very well, prone to getting knocked over, and very loud. You want a newer, more efficient model instead of this type of pump.

Sign #3 – There Are Loud Noises

You only should hear a slight thumping noise or quiet hum when the sump pump is working. The loud motor noises that you might be hearing are because of the burnt bearing on the device, which could lead to the entire sump pump failing. You may have a jammed or damaged impeller when you hear a grinding noise or rattling. If that is the case, call immediately.

Sign #4 – Your Sump Pump Has A Long Run Time

You should take a moment to listen when your sump pump turns on.  If the sump pump runs for several minutes, it may mean that the distance of water volume is too much for your sump pump installation to handle. It might be under-powered for what you are asking it to do.

If you notice any of these different signs, we highly recommend that you call a qualified Ottawa sump pump repair service immediately.

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