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Sump pump Ottawa

Is basement flooding bothering you? In addition to giving importance to leak repairs only, you may want to think about installing a sump pump system. Although waterproofing is an ideal solution for basement flooding, you may want to get rid of the water that intermittently seeps into your basement, a sump pump installation Ottawa can suck up this water efficiently.  Consider installing a new sump pump system as soon as you find out that water is seeping in and not draining out properly.

When Do You Need to Install a Sump Pump System?

Often the suggestion is “as soon as you witness first signs of moisture on the concrete basement floor, you should consider installing a sump pump system”. The source from where the water is seeping in your basement is another factor that will determine whether you need to install a sump pump system or not.

You do not need to install a sump pump system in case there is a simple leak from the crack on the wall, but it the water is seeping from the floor of the cover joint (the point where floor and wall meet), you may need to use drain tiles and also install a sump pump system.

Worried about Standing Water in Basement?

Is basement flooding bothering you? Consider installing a sump pump in addition to relying just on leak repairs. An efficient sump pump system will suck up all the water that sporadically flows into your basement and will keep it waterproofed for years to come.

Sump Pump Installation

Besides the cost of the pump, you also need to keep in mind the installation cost in order to come up with the final cost estimates. Installing a good sump pump system in your basement may cost you from several hundred to more than $1,000.

Many active homeowners consider it as a DIY task; however experts suggest that it is always a good idea to call in a pro to have a sump pump installation Ottawa in your basement as at times it may require cutting into concrete floor and doing other tough tasks.

Look for a professional and licensed plumber to do the installations for you and once you have the installation, to help with Ottawa sump pump repair service. Keep in mind that waterproofing companies usually charge more for a submersible pump installation as it requires cutting into the concrete floor. Make sure to check the reference and award this task to a trusted option like Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services.

Give us a call today: 613 791 5777  for a free upfront estimate!