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Sump Pump Basement Ottawa

A sump pump is a device which eliminates waste water deposited within your Ottawa property. The sump pump operates when water flows towards a pit known as the sump basin, this serves as the normal location of the sump pump.

The device then propels the water towards channels, which helps to eliminate the waste water from your Ottawa property. The effects of a flooded basement can be traumatic and with serious health implications, that is why a sump pump installation Ottawa is always highly recommended. Having a sump pump situated in your basement can be considered advantageous for the reasons outlined below and should encourage you to either install a sump pump or call for regular sump pump repair service Ottawa.

Guard You Against Flooding

As previously highlighted, the sump pump pushes accumulated water away from your property by propelling such towards channels which carry the waste water to your city’s sewers. Without a sump pump, the occurrence of frequent rainfall often leads to the accumulation of water which gets into the basement of your home. The damage this waste water does to your home could result in enormous expenses which could leave a dent in your finances. The use of a sump pump keeps these type of situations at bay.

Reduced Incidence Of Fire Outbreak

One of the less popular advantages of having a sump pump installed in your basement is it prevents the outbreak of fire in your home. This might come across as a surprise, but it’s a fact. The effect of water on electronics is capable of not only damaging your appliances which don’t come cheap, but it could lead to the generation of an immense amount of heat. This is due to a break in the power outlay of such appliances. The outcome is a fire which could put your home and loved ones in danger. All this can be avoided if you install a sump pump in the basement of your home.

Prevents the growth of fungi 

The growth of fungi is dependent on the presence of moisture. Floodwater not only affects your home structurally but also has negative health implications due to a rapid increase in fungi population. Having a sump pump reduces the occurrence of basement flooding. This halts the growth of fungi in your home. Thus, curbing the occurrence of health issues which are fungi related.

The Right Installation

As a rule, before you set-up a sump pump Ottawa, ensure you speak to professionals who will give you an insight on the compatibility of your home with a sump pump as well as the other information only an expert on sump pump can provide. Call us at at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services and we will help you make the right choice for you.

Give us a call today: 613 791 5777 for a free upfront estimate!