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Pipe Replacement and Drain Excavation

Nobody wants to deal with a breakdown of the sewer pipe – it leads to nothing but a huge mess – foul smells, and contamination of the business or home environment. These issues can be prevented if you remain alert and check for signs that something is amiss with your pipes and that a repair is necessary. There are a number of signs indicative of clogs, cracks, and potential breaks in your sewer pipe. By doing a bit of maintenance as a preventative measure, you can save yourself money and you can forgo unnecessary stress.

Video Inspections Keep You Alerted to Potential Problems

If you wait too long with repairs, pipes burst and must be replaced or repaired. You will have to call in a pro to assess the situation for you. It is far better to have the lines inspected regularly so you can deal with clogs, cracks, leaks, or root intrusions ahead of time. It is a wise idea to check the pipes at least once a year to make sure everything is in working order. The annual checkup is even more important if you are dealing with really old pipes.

In fact, you can have the yearly examination of pipes conducted a professional who can use a video camera to inspect the integrity of your pipes. With a camera, the pro can identify offset pipes, breaks, clogs, root infestation and more. There may be a need to clear out the pipes to free them of root intrusions or clogs, but sometimes they have to be fixed – a pipe relining option is one of your most affordable and practical solutions.

The Differences between Replacing and Relining

To replace a pipe it means digging up your yard, pulling out the pipes and putting new pipes down. Your landscaping will be destroyed and it can take months to get your yard looking healthy again, not to mention how costly such a repair is in the end. Relining pipes is another option that can fix a number of problems without tearing up your entire yard. Pipelining that cures in place is put into an end of the existing sewer line and pushed all the way through.

It is exposed to pressure so it will expand inside the pipe. It can expand up to 120’ in terms of its length. After it is in position, the professional installation team heats the cure in place pipe and the pipe, made of a special resin material, will harden, forming a brand new pipe inside the old. The cracks are filled, the pipe’s interior is seamless, and water will be able to flow through freely.

This method is clear, easier, and most cost efficient that more drastic methods of repair. It is also able to keep roots from intruding again. Your yard remains intact because you only need a small hole to put the pipe relining material into the existing pipe. You need no trenches at all.

Take the step to have your sewer inspected by the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services. If an issue is found, discuss the possibility of pipe relining as a potential solution.

Give us a call today: 613 791 5777 for a free upfront estimate!