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Trenchless pipe repair

For residents and business owners, you will find our business is capable of diagnosing the issues with an existing sewer system fast and efficiently. We can also tell you the next steps you need to take to rectify the situation for the lowest possible costs. We will help you determine how to best fix the problem and protect your wallet all at the same time. Your situation may be suited to one of two remedies: pipe bursting or pipe lining. Both remedies have advantages. As your pro choice for any and all trenchless treatments, we are happy to provide you with the best professional services so you can make an informed choice about how to move forward with your special plumbing needs.

Pipe Lining Versus Pipe Bursting

This is a trenchless means of replacing pipe underground with minimal damage to the above surface landscape. The method of getting to the pipes is a single entry point of access. The point of access can be on either side of the sewage pipe under assessment. With this method, we can renew underground pipes without having to dig a lot. There are fewer opportunities for problems to arise during repair, less labor, and even less in terms of repair expenses.

About Pipe and Pipe Lining Techniques

Lining pipes is different from pipe bursting in that an insert is slipped inside the old pipe work, inflated, and cured. The old pipe work remains in place with pipe lining procedures whereas the pipe bursting method results in the destruction of the old pipes with new pipes put into place right behind the pipe bursting. The epoxy lining solutions will harden and establish a pipe inside of another pipe: This will increase the smooth nature of water flow through the drain.

Both of the pipe lining and pipe bursting methods allow for minimal above ground damage.  A small hole is all that is needed to access the pipes: The bursting methods requires that we dig a small insertion pit as well as a receiving pit. The puts an end to any other digging necessary. An expander is inserted in the insertion pit. The expander is put into the defective pipe and it breaks it up. It moves forward and continues to break up the pipe until the pipe is destroyed. A new pipe is dragged in behind the expander and this is the pipe added to the existing system.

Consult with Us

We are happy to answer any call you have for a consultation. We will investigate the issues that concern you in relation to your sewer system.  Once we have diagnosed the problem, we will prescribe a solution: One that perfectly suits your budget, needs, and preference. You can move ahead with confidence following our informative consultation. Please call Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services now to find out more about your pipe bursting or pipe lining options.

Give us a call today: 613 791 5777 for a free upfront estimate!