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How to Clean Gutters

Cleaning Gutters Guide

To keep your home working well, chores are essential. Some chores are not very easy and are often neglected by most people. However, the benefits of these chores are tremendous. A clean gutter ensures water doesn’t get into your home especially when it rains.

If your intentions are to clean those gutters, you can do so in a number of different ways. If you want to do so, you will need to examine the gutters to see if there are obstructions within it and the possible culprits if your assessment comes out negative.

The level of difficulty faced when cleaning your gutter varies with the clog source. A gutter clogged with sediments and debris, cleaning would require a more aggressive approach whereas one blocked by fallen leaves, paper, and similar objects wouldn’t require such an approach. These are some popular and efficient means of cleaning your gutter.

Gutter Cleaning Using A Leaf Blower

Instruments like a leaf blower are ideal for gutter cleaning since they possess a tube-like projection capable of ejecting air forcefully. Use the leaf blower to clear out obstructions within the gutter. Since these gutters are not within your reach, you might want to use a ladder to assist you in your task. However, if you are scared of heights, you can use a device which can make the leaf blower reach the gutter. Also, take caution while blowing air into the gutter to prevent leaves entering the trough which takes rainwater downwards from the roof.

Clean Your Gutters Using A Vacuum

A vacuum can be used to clear out sediments, compost, and similar substances which can be done with a leaf blower. You might need hoses and other instruments to help you carry out the task without straining your body. Any plumbing related store should have those available. Some of the rubbish in the gutter might be difficult to remove just pour water into the gutter and try again. When the task nears its end, flood the gutter and the trough from the roof with more water. This can be achieved with a hose.

Using Your Hands To Clean Your Gutters

Now we get down to the last approach which involves using your hands without any fancy tool like the vacuum or leaf blower. Before you commence the task, you will need some standard tools: a ladder, trowel, work gloves, bucket, and hose. With your hands and trowel, gradually gather all the leaves and dirt into the bucket. Then using a hose, flood the gutters and the trough with water. If the gutter is still clogged, the water won’t flow.

If the trough from the roof is blocked, it is recommended you use a power washer. However, if a power washer isn’t available, then you can use a plumbing rod or snake. Afterward, wash off the remaining debris with water.

A great way to reduce the work done on your gutters is by covering your gutters with a screen or barrier. Preventing a plumbing malfunction is a more cost-effective approach compared to constantly hiring a plumber.

If you do notice that you are not capable of handling your own issues, call the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing to come up with a solution for you.

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