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Four Sewer Pipe Cleaning Tips

Four Sewer Pipe Cleaning Tips

This task happens occasionally when everyone living in the home makes use of the drains and toilets and the sewer lines gets backed up because everything is going down the sewer. In the event of a backup, it can destroy your property and cause considerable damage to the sewer line as well. Cleaning the sewer line is, of course, not a fun task, but it has to be done. Below, you will find information on the basic means for maintaining the lines, how to clean them, and how to prevent another issue in the future.

Tip 1. Use Materials That Are Flushable Only

Using the equipment in your home the correct way will help in future clog prevention. When disposing of things in the toilet or putting things down the drain, it should only be flushable materials. Make sure you read the labeling on the products you buy for hygienic use in the bathroom – the label will indicate if the product is flushable or not. Even if you are using wet wipes or medicated wipes, check to see if they are flushable or if they have to be disposed of by other means.

Tip 2. Chemicals For Cleaning A Clog

The cleaning of a sewer line can be troublesome, but a chemical cleaning can make things a lot easier. There are different types of products you can choose. One type of chemical is a form of foam that expands. The foam pushes the clog down the drain while simultaneously helping in dissolving some of the clogged materials. The chemical is dumped into the sewer line where it will first foam and then expand. Alternative options are made of liquid that does not expand, and this type of option eats up the waste to clear the clog.

Tip 3. Cleaning With A Mechanical Method

Mechanically cleaning a sewer line is a bit more complicated. This type of cleaning method is used for severe blockages that do not respond to chemical treatments. One method of mechanical cleaning is the use of a snake – the tool is long and you snake it through the sewer pipe to reach the clog and scrape out the debris blocking the sewer lines. 

Tip 4. Start In The Home

When you are dealing with a clogged sewer line, addressing the issue begins inside the home, as there is no rush to dig up the landscaping and start pulling up pipes. If the issue leads to the need for exterior repairs, it is time to call a professional. If you notice raw sewage pooling up in the yard you likely have a backed up toilet and or sinks in the home which are the cause. The crook of the pipe is often the first location a blockage occurs – this is the first place to check for a problem.

If you want to have your pipes cleaned by a professional to ensure long-lasting benefits, you can always rely on the maintenance support of Dr. Drain and Plumbing Services. With these courteous plumbing professionals, you know that you are getting the best work done each and every single time out.

Give us a call today: 613 791 5777 for a free upfront estimate!