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Drain Clogs - What You Should Know

Whether a minor problem or a huge issue, a clogged drain can be a real pain in the neck and, if bad enough, the. The costs of potential repairs are hard to determine if you do not know the cause of a clog or if all traditional methods of clog repair fail. How much you must pay to fix any kind of clog is highly dependent on several different factors. A drain clogs Ottawa professional can help you assess the issue and give you a price quote.

Clog Severity

Let’s face it, some clogs are a real hassle to clear. A drain clog Ottawa plumbing pro will immediately tell you the longer and more difficult it is to remove a clog, the more the task will cost. The charge for a drain clogs Ottawa pro is based on hourly rates, so let’s hope when you do get a clog it is one that can be dealt with quickly.

How Many Clogs Do You Have?

More than one clog – that means more time dealing with the issue, and, well, it means more cost. A good indicator that there is one than one clog present in the system is if water pours onto the floor of the bathroom while you are doing a load of laundry. This might suggest a clog inside the main line. If you’ve got several drains to fix and a clogged main line, the repair price increases.

Parts Removal?

If you must have the toilet drained and unbolted from the floor, of if the plumber must go under the sink and start taking pipes apart, get ready to open your a wee bit wider. These measures are indicative of clogs that are far more difficult to deal with or get to with the basic means of clog repair.

Causes and Prevention

When pipes corrode, it can lead to clogs since the cracking pipes can snag on tissues and fibrous foods. As the snagged food increases, a clog forms. If your water level has a low/high PH level it can contribute to the corrosion of your pipework. The presence of bacteria, suspended solids, sulfates, and salts are also indicative of a potential corrosion of the pipes. When pipes corrode they require repair as soon as possible and, of course, this is more costly than a simple clog repair.

You can prevent many clogs by not putting food waste down the drain. Fats and grease should not go down the drain at any time, and a regular check of your pipework is something and Ottawa professional can do for you.

Maintaining Drains

If you use baking soda and hot water flushes through the drain on a regular basis it can help keep the drain free of debris and odors. It can also prevent and keep your repair costs to a minimum. A bit of prevention can save hundreds in future repairs. If you unsure of what to do yourself, we highly recommend that you call the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services.

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