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Plumbers undergo training and education for several months, if not years before they’re considered fit to handle plumbing repairs and installations. The plumbing system might look simple on the surface, but it can be quite complicated and difficult to install. However, many property owners like the challenge of a DIY installation and attempt to carry it out without the assistance of a licensed plumber. They also want to avoid the professional plumbing installation cost and save some money on the project.

Common DIY plumbing installation mistakes according to plumbing services Ottawa

1.Mistake#1: Improper Connections

You can’t connect pipes made from different materials without proper coupling between them. Direct contact between the two pipes can cause corrosion and damage the plumbing. An experienced plumbing installation contractor will always make sure the connections are correct and secured carefully.

2. Mistake#2: Leaving Water On

This might seem like a no-brainer but many DIY installers forget to do it. They don’t shut off the water supply to the area and don’t take time to drain lingering water before they start on the installation. This is the first thing professional plumbing service experts will do. Make sure you turn the water off before every project.

3. Mistake#3: Installing cabinets before choosing the sink

It’s important to determine the location of the sink and the connected pipes before you install any cabinets. There will be limited room to work with and the plumbing installation will be messy if the cabinets are already installed. You might have to hire plumbing installation services because installing a plumbing system after cabinets are installed can be tricky.

4. Mistake#4: Not taking measurements

Inexperienced installers and DIYers make this mistake quite often. You need to measure everything carefully and double check the numbers to ensure you don’t make any mistakes. This ensures there’s no delay or problem with the installation. Local plumbing companies will take perfect measurements and will make sure they buy the right components for the installation.

5. Mistake#5: Perfectly level shower floor

A shower floor must have a slope at the masonry level to ensure the wastewater drains properly. Professional plumbing services will carefully create the slope on the bathroom.

floor to ensure proper drainage. If that’s not done, they’ll have to remove all insets like the shower tiles or bathtub to fix the problem. DIYers make this mistake often and are forced to call Ottawa plumbing companies for help.

You can avoid these mistakes and problems associated with these mistakes by hiring a professional plumber for the job.

Give us a call today: 613-791-5777  for a free upfront estimate!

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