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Low water pressure

We know just how frustrating it can be to have low water pressure in your faucets, shower, or even your garden hose. Many Ottawa natives have had issues with water, so it is common problem. If you have low water pressure in your home, these are just some of the reasons why that might be.

Reason #1 – You May Have Corrosion Inside Your Pipes

Old pipes are prone to buildup and corrosion after a period of time. Especially if you have galvanized pipes , this could be a serious problem. If you want to drastically improve your water pressure, you could try replacing old, corroded pipes and seeing if it makes a difference.

Reason #2 – There Could Be A Leak Somewhere

If there is a significant leak inside of your home, chances are that you will have both an increase on your water bill and experience reduced water pressure. It can be a challenge to locate these water leaks, meaning that they often go unnoticed. As you might understand, this is going to lead to an increased problem later on. If you have both of the aforementioned symptoms, it might be a good idea to contact a professional plumbing service to see what the problem might be.

Reason #3 – Your Showerhead Might Need To Be Changed/Repaired

If you have installed a low-flow showerhead or have not changed/cleaned out your showerhead in decades, it could be the reason that you have lower water pressure than normal. You can try to clean the showerhead yourself, and if that does not work – one of the many available replacements might be your best option.

Reason #4 – Clean Your Aerator Screens

There is an aerator positioned at the tip at most modern showerheads and faucets. This is a key component of any showerhead and faucet because it helps prevent splashing, helps filter out debris, and saves water. These aerators can quickly become dirty and accumulate buildup because of mineral deposits in the water. By leaving the aerator in white vinegar for several hours after disassembling the showerhead, you can easily clean your aerator screens.

Calling The Professionals

You do not have to suffer through the continued trickle because of low water pressure any longer. At Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing, you are going to find licensed and experienced technicians that are able to offer you several different solutions that are going to fix your water pressure. Do not allow a slow trickle to ruin your day – call now!

Give us a call today: 613 791 5777 for a free upfront estimate!