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Downspout drains - problems after the winter

Winters are traditionally loved by everyone, primarily because they are extremely beautiful. However, the season is accompanied with some troubles as well. Snow is a trademark for winters in Ottawa and as it begins to fall, it starts accumulating on our roofs and pipelines as well. As it enters the downspouts, along with the debris it carries with it, it creates a blockage in the pipe.

The consequences are often zero drainage flow. This gives rise to many other drainage related issue if they are left ignored and unattended, making it important to look after your downspout drains. There are some aspects that we need to keep in mind if we encounter any problem with downspout plumbing.

Doing Nothing Will Not Solve The Problem

Ottawa plumbers see it a lot, some people believe that they should leave the choked downspouts unattended. As soon as the temperature rises, the ice will melt itself and clears off the drains. If the problem still sustains then simply clearing this area may resolve the issue. But this does not ensure a sustainable clean and cleared downspout thus it should not be neglected or left unattended.

Frozen Downspouts Have Bad Aftermaths

If you get to see a bad weather forecast in the upcoming days, make sure that these downspout blockages are cured with the proper professional treatment. With time, the snow will start to aggregate and accumulate inside the gutters thereby completely coagulating. This makes it weigh much more. This weight may add up to your downspout misery by leading to bigger issues like water leaks or faulty drainage.

 Preventing Frozen Downspouts

Once the snow is discarded off or it is melted and the water is flowing freely again, follow some preventive steps to cease the chances downspouts clogging. Wrapping your downspouts with heat tape or a self-regulating heating cable definitely helps to keep the temperature moderate.

Alternatively, you can run a heating cable inside your downspout make sure that you do not do this to clear ice-blocked downspouts since the cables don’t get fully immersed in water. Running the heating cables around and along your roof can be a real help, as it will reduce the chances of gutter jamming.

If you need plumbing now in Ottawa, remember to keep us at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services in the back of your head. We are the Ottawa plumbers who can help with downspout drains, downspout plumbing, and any other issue that you may have.

Give us a call today: 613 791 5777 for a free upfront estimate!